Waiting list due to ‘overwhelming’ number of ex-corona patients who want to donate plasma

The Sanquin blood bank has had many reactions after the appeal to ex-corona patients to donate blood plasma. As a result, some ex-patients were told to wait for weeks.

One of them informs AT5 that he will not be able to visit until October 28, partly because he has never been a donor before and had to go to a medical examiner first. “I’m curious about the urgency,” he says.


The blood plasma of ex-corona patients contains antibodies. Ampoules are made from this in a high concentration, which can be administered to vulnerable groups such as people who, for example, undergo chemotherapy or receive a kidney transplant. Because this works with other viruses, researchers at Sanquin and the Amsterdam UMC expect that it will also have an effect against the corona virus.

Yesterday, lead researcher Hans Zaaijer said he hoped for 8,000 extra donors. He thinks that lives can be saved that way.

To strive

A Sanquin spokesperson says today that an “overwhelming amount of registrations” has arrived in recent days. ‘The aim is that people who want to donate plasma with antibodies can go to an appointment within two weeks. We are now seeing that agreements are filling up at a small number of locations, including Amsterdam. ‘

Therefore, ex-corona patients are now on via a pop-up screen on site asked of the blood bank to contact us by telephone. “Then we would love to personally check if a customized solution can be found.”

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