WAITING TIMES AT ATLANTA AIRPORT: passengers complain of extremely long lines at Atlanta airport security checkpoints


ATLANTA – Travelers to the Atlanta airport were stuck in long lines on Monday morning.

[PHOTOS: Long lines at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport]

Some passengers complained about waiting times of several hours, with lines extending from security through the lobby and baggage claim for most of the morning.

As the morning passes, the lines are slightly improved, but waiting times are still more than one hour, according to the people in line.

On the website, the security checkpoints list the waiting times of "over an hour".

When asked about the problems on Twitter, Atlanta Airport directed travelers to contact the Transport Safety Administration about the lines.

With the partial closure of the government, TSA workers are not currently paid. We contacted the TSA for a comment but we have not yet received an answer.

Delta also responded to customers, telling them that they are working with the TSA and the National Security Department to help "minimize the potential impact".

We are working to find out what we are doing to keep the lines moving and how the airport and the TSA handle these problems, for Channel 2 Action News at noon.



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