Waldemar Sobota bit back Wojciech Kowalczyk. “Nobody will tell me if I can go home”

Recently, Wojciech Kowalczyk criticized the transfers of Artur Boruc and Waldemar Sobota in social media. The midfielder of Śląsk Wrocław bite the former footballer in an interview with “Super Express”, bluntly commenting on his words.

I come back from vacation and I see two messages. Some goalkeeper fell into Legia and Sobota fell into Silesia. Better old mushroom than youth training – he wrote on Twitter.

Saturday responded sharply to the former footballer when a journalist from “Super Express” asked him about these words. The midfielder does not intend to worry about the words of Kowalczyk.

I won’t bother with words like that because I didn’t come here to cut coupons. Finally, no one will tell me if and when I can go home he said.

I don’t have flies in my nose, I don’t consider myself a savior. It would be funny and not serious. I’m part of the team. I want to give her as much as possible. I will fight for Silesia, like every member of the team. This is how we will achieve success – added.

Silesia is to be a top team, it wants to fight for medals. I also talked to the guys on the team. They say that although last season was not so bad, they feel quite unsatisfied. Silesia is supposed to be a team fighting for the highest goals, so I am glad to be part of this puzzle – announces.

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