Sport Walk received an offer to match in the UFC....

Walk received an offer to match in the UFC. But the enthusiasm waned

Facebook: Jiří “Denisa” Procházka

“At the beginning of the week we got an offer on Teixeira, which I was surprised, but it turned out that it is still positive for covid-19, so the match will not be,” Martin Karaivanov described last days. The offer came for one reason only. And everyone already knows why. “Today we learned that his opponent Thiago Santos is also positive, so we are without a match at the moment.”

The offer was for October 3, which is a very short time to tune the form, but Procházka and his team are working in a fashion that they are able to jump in, especially when there are attractive semi-heavyweight matches these weeks. If anyone dropped out, Walk was ready to go.

Another change. Vémola is no longer training for Mikulášek, he is looking for a new opponent

“We are at a stage where we want to go with our opponents in front of us. Smith failed, Oezdemir is with us. I jumped with joy when the offer for Teixeira came, great, but…, “Karainavov regrets this chance.

Next weekend, Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz, number one in the rankings, will fight for the relaxed championship belt. “The match is over in a while, it probably won’t work. We want another match by the end of the year. Rakič, Santos, Teixiera are still in the game. I’m making sure we have a match by the end of the year, “Karaivanov repeated how he would like to see the Walk in the Octagon this year.

With regard to the preparation for a specific opponent, the second match in the UFC seems ideal in November, December. “That’s true, but we still wanted to be ready for a string of top matches now to take advantage of opportunities. We are a fighter team, we are not photo models that go into the match once in a while, “smiles Procházka’s coach and manager, who has been experiencing a carousel of negotiations for years.

I’m coughing up bullshit about the best fighter, says Jiří Procházka. Praise leaves him alone.

The Czech fighter reached the top in the Japanese Rizin, now he is sixth in the UFC, after one duel, one KO, which was scored by Volkan Oezdemir.

“Negotiations with the UFC are fine, I don’t see a difference against Rizin there. They want to occupy Jiří, that’s what Rizin wanted. He communicates with them pleasantly, “Karaivanov is satisfied.

He will be even happier when he knows the date and the opponent by the end of the year.



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