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Friday afternoon, in several cities of Quebec, thousands of demonstrators participated in the Global March for Climate Justice.

It is not yesterday that the population feels concerned by the cause. Hundreds of thousands of people marched alongside Greta Thunberg in Montreal during the 2019 edition of this international march.

I met people who took part in Friday’s march, who told me of their discouragement at not feeling heard, even though the climate emergency is becoming more and more concrete.

It’s all well and good to claim loud and clear for what should be done, but if these calls for help are not heeded by the decision-makers on whom our future depends, we’re screwed.

Hard ear

Should our governments have their ears washed in order to be able to hear the demands of the people?

The alarming report of the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on the Climate) published in August sounded the alarm for humanity. Drastic measures to protect the environment must be taken quickly to limit the effects of climate change. The quality of life of billions of people is threatened.

In Quebec, in 2021, the climate situation is deteriorating. January 2021 was the mildest January in 100 years. August 2021 was the hottest August on record in several regions of the province. How to sleep soundly when you know that the temperature in Quebec and Canada is heating up twice as fast as elsewhere in the world? What are we waiting for to act?

We may be aware, demand climate justice, demonstrate: if political leaders do not listen, we will hit a wall.

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It is the urgency. By dint of playing hard of hearing, the government is wasting precious time.

A small Q-Tip (reusable), Mr. Legault? What about you, Mr. Trudeau?

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