Wall Street, the day after a flight, ends in random order


The New York Stock Exchange ended disorganized on Thursday, renouncing some of the comfortable gains the day before the US mid-term election, without overreacting the Fed's status quo on tariffs.

According to the closing final results, Wall Street's flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, gained 0.04%, to 26.191.22 points.

The Nasdaq index, with its strong technological color, lost 0.53% to 7,530.88 points.

The broad S & P 500 index fell 0.25% to 2,806.83 points.

"Investors took a step back after the sharp rise in the medium term elections," commented Ken Berman of Gorilla Trades.

Raised the uncertainties that traditionally surround the mid-term US elections, the three major Wall Street indices have taken more than 2% on Wednesday, an increase felt on Thursday by many market participants.

The result of the American elections, that is to say an acquisition of Democrats in the House of Representatives, but a Senate anchored to the Republican side, was the scenario favored by most observers.

With a few elements to put their teeth on Thursday except for the slight decline in unemployment claims, brokers quietly awaited the final statement by the US central bank (Fed), which ended at 19:00 GMT two days of meeting.

Unexpectedly it has reported unchanged interest rates, currently between 2% and 2.25%, but referred to "further gradual increases", the first of which is widely expected by investors already next month.

Equity indices briefly accelerated their descent a few minutes after this publication, before limiting their losses thereafter.

"Some may have hoped for a slightly more cautious Fed rate quote," said Art Hogan of B. Riley FBF. But according to him, "nothing surprising came out of this meeting".

On the bond market, however, the US interest rate on ten-year debt reacted a bit stronger: it rose to 21:20 GMT at 3.202%, against 3.366% on Wednesday evening after passing below of the Fed's release, while that of the 30-year debt fell to 3.433%, against 3.444% the previous day.


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