Wallonia is relaunching its Visitwallonia tourist pass: here’s how to get this check worth 80 euros

The Walloon Region wants to relaunch tourism for this summer. It will offer 25,000 new ‘Visitwallonia’ passes. These € 80 vouchers will be available from May 5.

Wallonia Belgique Tourisme will relaunch its Visitwallonia tourist pass on May 5, Walloon Tourism Minister Valérie De Bue announced on Monday at a press conference. This free pass will be valid until June 30 and aims to support the tourism sector during this pandemic period. Launched with the aim of allowing the public to benefit relaxation of the outdoor plan which comes into force on May 8, the new version of this pass will have extended validity since it will be possible to use it for almost two months.

A value of 80 euros

Worth 80 euros, it will allow access to nearly 700 museums, amusement parks, accommodation, etc. in Wallonia. “A first version of the Visitwallonia pass was launched in October 2020 but the second lockdown prevented people from taking full advantage of it”, explains Minister Valérie De Bue. “By recovering the unused balance from previous passes, 25,000 copies of the new version will be made available to the public on a first come, first served basis.” A second distribution, with the same number of passes, will take place before the summer holidays. Like the previous version, the pass will be limited to one copy per household.

It’s always first come, first served

Last September, 20,000 passes were distributed in less than twenty minutes, which had generated a lot of frustration. The terms of granting have therefore been slightly modified (25,000 passes instead of 20,000, and the start of distribution delayed to 8 a.m. instead of 6 a.m.). “Of course, it will always remain limited compared to the potential number of beneficiaries, it is always first come, first served”, explains Pierre Coenegrachts, deputy general manager of Wallonie Belgique Tourisme, in live in RTL INFO 13H.

From May 5 online

The distribution will therefore begin on May 5 at 8:00 a.m. and will be via online registration. In order to guarantee accessibility to people who do not have or have difficulty accessing the internet, it will also be possible to book by telephone.

Flemings and people of foreign nationality will also be able to request a pass. Visitwallonia offers vouchers and various brochures on its website listing the activities available in Wallonia intended for people who do not know how to use their pass.

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