Wang Manyu and Che Xiaoxi won the National Games Women’s Doubles gold medal “Eel” era is here!

#王曼昱车晓曦夺全运女双金牌# Congratulations to Wang Manyu and Che Xiaoxi for winning the championship! It’s a hard game this way! Looking forward to more championships in the future! I have to sigh, this game is really cool! ?

Wang Manyu/Che Xiaoxi won the gold medal.Provided by Heilongjiang Sports Bureau

On the 26th, the table tennis competition of the 14th National Games came to an end. On the “Night of the Finals” held in the Yan’an University Gymnasium, Heilongjiang combination Wang Manyu/Che Xiaoxi swept the Liaoning combination Wang Yidi/Chen Xingtong 4-0. Won the gold medal in women’s doubles.

It’s another 4 to 0! At the moment of winning the championship, Wang Manyu couldn’t hide his excitement, clenched his fists, smiled, and hugged Che Xiaoxi tightly.

Judging from the expressions of Wang Manyu and Che Xiaoxi at the admission ceremony for the finals, they both appeared very confident and relaxed. This final is the third national game “model worker” Wang Manyu played in three days. Despite continuous high-intensity combat, Wang Manyu, who was injured, was still in a hot state. The partner, Xiaoxi, is also full of firepower.

At the beginning of the finals, the two teams had no reservations, and the score was still at a stalemate. At the critical moment, Che Xiaoxi used a strong forehand to pull back to help the Heilongjiang team get the first place with 11 to 9.

In the second game, the Heilongjiang combination made a perfect start of 6 to 1, and went all out to make another victory with 11 to 4.

In the third game, the two teams staged many rounds of exciting matches for the audience, winning rounds of applause and applause. In the end, the Heilongjiang combination won 11 to 8, with a total score of 3 to 0. In the live interactive session after the end of the game, the lucky audience won a signed racket by Wang Manyu, which drew cheers from the audience.

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In the fourth game, the Heilongjiang combination took advantage of the victory to make a strong start of 5-1. After the score, Wang Manyu clenched his left fist and shouted. With each scoring of the Heilongjiang team, the cheers of “Wang Manyu, come on!” and “Heilongjiang, come on!” cheered through the arena. In the end, Che Xiaoxi fixed the score at 11-6 with a beautiful backhand diagonal.

At this point, the table tennis competitions of the National Games have all ended. Wang Manyu, who played in the fourth line, became the most shining star in the table tennis with 2 gold and 1 silver, and also completed his personal high-light start in the National Games. In just ten days, “model worker” Wang Manyu participated in 20 games and achieved an impressive record of 19 wins and 1 loss. In the Chinese table tennis world with a strong internal volume, the National Games “model workers” have become the National Games “God of War”.

2021 has become the year of “eels”. For the 22-year-old Wang Manyu, this year may really be an unforgettable year in his sports career. From Olympic champions to National Games champions, from team gold medals, doubles gold medals, to singles gold medals, the youth storm set off by the all-round fighter Wang Manyu in the table tennis world may be proclaiming the world that the “eel” era has come.

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