Wanted Nurses in the USA: fabulous salaries, accommodation and a bonus of 14,000 euros. Here’s how to apply.

The UPMC multinational group is urgently looking for nurses to be included in work activities in the USA: fabulous salaries, accommodation and entry bonuses. Here’s how to apply.

In order to broaden one’s nursing skills and immerse oneself in a new professional culture, it is now possible to work in the USA. There UPMC, a world leader in healthcare, is urgently looking for Nurses to join its healthcare activities. Pn in particular for job positions in the United States in different types of structures.

The UPMC group.

In UPMC Enterprisesthere are thinkers, doers, pioneers and game-changers who are finding solutions to the complicated challenges facing healthcare professionals and their patients.

The job at UPMC is about using creativity to tackle exciting projects that become life-changing solutions.

Leveraging the strength of our clinical, technical, business and capital resources to develop, test and distribute healthcare products and services, the group uses innovation to improve the lives of people around the world: “we incubate and launch startups and invest in a diversified portfolio of assets”.

Expected for those who will be hired:

  • “Entry Bonus” (equal to 15,000 Dollars, or just under 14,000 Euros);
  • housing advice for candidates and their families;
  • support for the bureaucratic part.

What does the offer include in detail?

The following is stated on the multinational company’s website:

  • Up to $15,000 sign-on bonus for nurses with at least one year of experience;
  • opportunities to live and work in the United States on long-term contracts in our hospitals;
  • dedicated support during the relocation and employment process in the United States, including obtaining all necessary certifications and documents to enter the country;
  • financial assistance for expenses incurred, including up to one month of temporary accommodation, costs of immigration procedures, etc.;
  • financial support and sponsorship to obtain permanent residence permits in the United States for you and your eligible family members;
  • tutoring and integration of the worker after a long period of support through the use of a team of qualified health professionals;
  • acquisition of highly sought-after professional skills within different specializations using state-of-the-art tools and equipment;
  • joining a team of more than 92,000 employees, providing quality healthcare in 40 hospitals and more than 800 physician offices in the states of Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland.

What you need to apply:

  • minimum six months experience as a nurse;
  • good knowledge of written and oral/verbal English;
  • prior to relocating, candidate must pass NCLEX Exam, CES Professional Certification and VisaScreen, be recognized as a Nurse Practitioner in Pennsylvania, and be eligible for US permanent residency;
  • other requirements may apply and support and resources will be provided to best assist candidates in their fulfilment.

What are you waiting for?

To apply LINK.



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