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MEXICO – Actor Carlos Villagrán, who gives life to “Kiko”, one of the characters in El Chavo del Ocho, registered as a candidate for mayor and governor of Querétaro by the local Querétaro Independiente party.

“After 50 years of making people laugh, I find myself on another platform, which does me a tremendous honor,” he said at a press conference after completing the process, which will be resolved on February 8.

“It is correct, Mr. Carlos Villagrán Eslava registered as a candidate for candidacy for the governorship of the state and for the municipal presidency of Querétaro,” explained Olmo Martínez Sandoval, in charge of the Querétaro Independiente social communication area.

The 76-year-old actor combined jokes and some messages from “Kiko”, explaining the reasons that led him to participate in the political life of the state where he resides since he returned to Mexico.

Villagrán asked the population to join forces for the electoral contest that will conclude with the July elections to generate a single voice and unite hearts to meet the needs of Querétaro.

Among the issues he considered controversial, he said, is abortion, which is not for or against abortion, and that people will be supported so that they can decide what to do with that miracle.

Neither the red light nor the increase in infections in the pandemic stop their clamor.

Famous people join the fray
Even though there are weeks until the campaigns begin formally, there are at least 15 celebrities who, from sports and entertainment, seek to be appointed candidates.

Most of the applicants have neither training nor political experience, but they say they are ready to occupy delegations -local and federal-, mayors and state governments.

Among them, for Morena, are the actress Gabriela Goldsmith, who aspires to a deputation in the State of Mexico; the former soccer technical director José Luis Sánchez, “El Chelís”, who is going for a deputation but in Puebla, and the vocalist of the Jerez Band, Marco Antonio Flores, who is seeking the candidacy for federal deputy for Zacatecas.

For the recently created Progressive Social Networks party (RSP), the host and actor Alfredo Adame hope to run for a federal council for Tlalpan, and the boxer Mariana “La Barbie” Juárez, who wants to be a federal deputy.

In addition, for mayors in Mexico City, Héctor Hernández, former vocalist of Los Ángeles Azules, is expected to run for Iztapalapa, and Cuban-born actress Malillany Marín, for Miguel Hidalgo.

Nearly 300 days of facing the pandemic wreaks havoc on mental health.

The fighters “Tinieblas”, “Carístico” and “Blue Demon Jr. they want the mayors of Venustiano Carranza, Cuauhtémoc and Gustavo A. Madero, respectively, representing RSP.

Ex-footballers Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista and Francisco Javier “El Abuelo” Cruz hope to be candidates for the Encuentro Solidario Party (PES). who will seek a deputation for Jalisco and Nuevo León, respectively.

And the singer and actor Ernesto D´Alessio could be the PES candidate for governor of Nuevo León.


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