War / Conflict, Politics Zelensky asks Belarusians not to get involved in the war

In his daily speech on Sunday, Zelensky addressed the people of neighboring Belarus and said that they do not need to become slaves and cannon fodder, even though Russia has planned to do so.

– You do not have to die, he said, adding that the Belarusians must not let others make decisions for Belarus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday in a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that Russia will supply Belarus with Iskander launchers that can be equipped with nuclear warheads.

Ukraine recently reported Russian attacks on Ukraine from Belarusian territory. Although parts of the invasion of Ukraine took place from Belarus, Lukashenko has so far resisted pressure to become more directly involved in the war.

– I know that the people of Belarus support us, only us, and not the war. And that is why the Russian leadership is trying to drag you into the war, Zelensky said.

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