"war drums" between Venezuela and Guyana

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The call for a referendum, statements from both sides, troop movements and the construction of a runway for military aircraft marks the escalation of the last few hours between the neighboring countries of Venezuela and Guyana, who dispute the border territory of the Essequibo, rich in oil and gas. “The President of Guyana, Irfan Ali, It plays drums of war and threatens the peace of our Latin America and the Caribbean, violating the declaration of the CELAC countries (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States). The script made by (oil multinational) Exxon Mobil to sow a confrontation between two neighboring countries follows it to the letter. “The sun of Venezuela is born in Essequibo!” the Chavista vice president harangued this Saturday, Delcy Rodriguez.

The territory of Essequibo, administered by Guyana, is located in international litigation between both countries, despite the fact that the Bolivarian revolution forgot it for two decades. Neither Until a few months ago, neither Hugo Chávez nor Nicolás Maduro cared what was happening in these 150,000 square kilometers, located west of the Essequibo River, until the American oil company began to find oil in the disputed maritime area.

In an attempt by Chavismo to seek popularity in the midst of the massive popular rejection against Maduro, it was decided to call a referendum for December 3, which sparked angry reaction from Guyana. One of the questions of the consultation contemplates the creation of a state in Guyana Esequiba, which would be annexed by Caracas. “They have the potential to incite violence and threaten peace,” counterattacked the government of Guyana, which has the support of the United States and Caribbean countries. Historically it has also been one of Cuba’s great allies.

This week, Georgetown officials released a significant new black gold find and the granting of new extraction licenses to several international companies. Venezuela responded with troop movements towards the border and its Defense Minister, General Vladimir Padrino, threatened its neighbors: “They will have a forceful and proportional response.”

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces have also taken advantage of the situation to build a landing strip very close to the disputed area, visited today by President Ali. The Bolivarian Foreign Ministry described Ali’s “media show” as “warlike.”

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