War in Ukraine. Ambassador Li Hui’s visit to Poland. MFA position

So far, the diplomatic tour of Europe by the Chinese government’s special envoy for Eurasia is not going well for Beijing. Ambassador Li Hui’s proposals did not meet with a warm reception in Kiev at first, and now his visit to Warsaw ended with a similar effect. “Rights are not evenly distributed in this war. Any attempts to equalize the status of Russia – the aggressor and Ukraine – the victim, in this conflict are unacceptable,” reads the statement issued by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the meeting with the Chinese envoy.

Li Hui is China’s special envoy who, during a tour of five European countries, is to bring the end of the war in Ukraine closer

Ambassador Li Hui will not write down the successes of his visit to Poland and the conversation with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Wojciech Gerwel. The envoy of the Chinese government continues his diplomatic tour of Europe – apart from Poland, he has already visited Ukraine and will also visit Germany, France and Russia – whose purpose is to talk about the possibilities of ending war in Ukraine. From an official statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairsissued after the meeting of the two diplomats, it can be concluded that it did not go as planned Beijingand Ambassador Li failed to convince the Polish side to be right of the Middle Kingdom.

War in Ukraine. Poland stands by Kiev

In the Polish statement the Ministry of Diplomacy three key themes can be distinguished. The first is to clearly indicate whose side is to blame in this war, and also to absolutely refuse to relativize this issue. “Rations are not evenly distributed in this war. Any attempt to equalize status Russia – the aggressor and Ukraine – the victimare unacceptable in this conflict Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Further in the message, we read that deputy minister Gerwel “expressed the expectation that China – a champion of the five principles of peaceful coexistence – will condemn Russian aggression and will try to influence Russia to abandon aggression and return to international law.”

The second important aspect of the position issued by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the indication of strengthening relations and very close cooperation between China and Russia, which, in the light of the events in Ukraine, raises legitimate concerns in the West. “Deputy Minister Gerwel he expressed the hope that China would never recognize Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukrainian lands, just as it has so far not recognized the 2014 annexation of Crimea. He also stressed that military aid, including possible arms deliveries from China to Russia, may have very serious consequences for Russia Europe’s relationship with China” – we read in the statement.

Ambassador Li Hui has already visited Ukraine and talked with the head of the local diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba

Finally third the Polish side has made it very clear what it considers to be an acceptable conclusion to the war started by Russia. “We support the peace plan President Zelenskywhich is a good basis for resolving the conflict. The withdrawal of Russian troops and the return of lands unlawfully seized by Russia are the only acceptable solution for achieving a just peace,” said Deputy Minister Gerwel, quoted in statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomacy resort however, he appreciated the Chinese envoy’s approach to the issues used by The Kremlin nuclear threats. “Ambassador Lee declared China’s strong opposition to the use of nuclear weapons, pointing to the importance China attaches to nuclear safety and maintaining the mandate of international organizations.

War in Ukraine. The West has seen through China

Diplomatic tour Ambassador Li across Europe shows that China less and less believe in the success of Russia in war with Ukrainealthough they officially still support it The Kremlin and keep with the regime of Vladimir Putin close relations. – China is aware that the war is protracted, and the opportunities Russia for a spectacular victory decreased dramatically. That is why they calculate in the long term, thinking about their interests in Europe and the Pacific basin – he admits in an interview with Interia dr Marcin Przychodniak, China analyst from the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).

The charm offensive against the EU and Western Europe is underway. Some fall for it, like Emmanuel Macron, but others know that China is bluffing and are wary of it prof. Michał Lubina, an expert on Sino-Russian relations from the Jagiellonian University

– For China, this war is dragging on and starting to be burdensome, so they are trying to bring it to an end. War creates problems for China he says in turn prof. Michał Lubina, an expert on Chinese-Russian relations from the Jagiellonian University. The problems mentioned are primarily the strengthening of the global leadership of the United States as a result of the war and the unification of the West and the rapprochement of the European Union with America. The EU-US alliance is extremely distasteful to China, as it threatens its interests in the countries of the Commonwealth, especially in Western Europe. – There’s a charm offensive against EU and Western Europe. Some people fall for it such as Emmanuel Macronbut others know that China is bluffing and are cautious about them – adds the author in an interview with Interia the book “Bear in the Dragon’s Embrace. How Russia Became China’s Little Brother”.

In the whole situation, however, it is worth noting that Poland has been recognized by China as one of the key players in the Westwhen it comes to war in Ukraine. Middle Kingdom recognizes the role of Poland in helping Ukraine and mediating in Kiev’s relations with the West. Beijing is also trying to maintain good relations with Poland, which has the most pro-Chinese policy among Central European countries. – If China were to choose someone from Central Europe for such a role, Poland seemed to be the most obvious choice – assesses Dr. Przychodniak.

Nevertheless, in the matter war in Ukraine Poland and China stand on opposite sides of the barricade. Poland in the American way, China in the Russian way. It’s an irreconcilable difference. So it’s hardly surprising that Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not applaud Ambassador Li’s proposals. Prof. Lubin, when asked about the peace mission of the Beijing envoy, described China as “a bought arbitrator who clearly favors one of the parties”. “Everyone is aware of that,” he says. If this is indeed the case, it is a poor prognosis for a Chinese diplomat ahead of his visits to Germany and France.

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