War in Ukraine, breaking news | Russia attacks ship repair plant in Ukraine’s Odessa region with missiles

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On the 614th day of war in Ukraine, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is attending the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing, which brings together military personnel and diplomats from 90 countries, has accused NATO countries of wanting extend the conflict in Europe to the Asia-Pacific region by promoting a arms race increasing their military presence and the frequency and escalation of the military exercises they carry out there.

The United States is fueling geopolitical tensions to maintain its “hegemony,” Shoigu said, also warning of the risk of confrontation between major countries.

Ukraine bombs a Russian air defense system in Crimea while its air defenses intercepted tonight 12 drones kamikaze Shahed Iranian-made and two Kh-59 guided aerial missiles Russian forces with which Russian forces attacked Ukrainian territory last night.

For its part, Russia attacks with missiles a ship repair plant from the Ukrainian Odessa region. Port infrastructures have been favorite targets of Russian forces since the summer.

The services of UK Intelligence have indicated that a private Russian military company “is trying specifically recruit women for combat rolesin Ukraine which “happens for the first time” since the beginning of the invasion, in February 2022.

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