War in Ukraine, breaking news | Russian drones hit civilian targets in Kharkov during the early hours

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The war in ukraine continues 18 months after its outbreak. Russia launched this morning 38 drones kamikaze Shahed against regions of the east, center, south and west of Ukraine, as reported by Ukrainian authorities and reported by EFE. Half of those drones have been shot down by Ukrainian air defenses, which have not, however, been able to prevent the drones from hitting targets in several regions of Ukraine.

These drones have hit civilian targets in Kharkov, where they have caused a fire and it is unknown if there are any victims. This is stated by the regional governor of Kharkov, Oleh Synehubov, who has revealed that the attacks have been directed against civilian infrastructure.

Ukraine claims to have repelled in recent days dozens of enemy attacks along the entire front, while Russia finished regrouping its troops in the area of Avdivka (eastern Donetsk province) to launch another wave of massive attacks and advance towards their objective of surrounding the town.

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