War in Ukraine, breaking news | Ukraine dismantles a cell of Russian agents that was preparing attacks in kyiv

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Ukraine remains focused on the front lines of its war with Russia, but it also does not neglect the places where there is no fighting. The Ukrainian authorities have arrested this Wednesday three members of a cell of Russian secret service agents who were preparing drone attacks against Ukrainian military targets in the city and region of Kievas announced today by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The three detainees had acquired material to make homemade explosives that they planned to launch with a dozen drones against facilities of the Ukrainian General Staffof the Ministry of Defence and other Ukrainian military command posts, according to the investigation.

On the battlefield, Russia seems to have focused for the moment on Avdiivka, a city that is already a hallmark of the Ukrainian resistance. Russian forces attacked the shattered city of Avdiivka this Tuesday, but their heavy losses have forced them to limit themselves to air attacks and rely less on ground advances.

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