War Ukraine – Russia, last minute | Kremlin says return to kyiv of five Azov battalion commanders violates deal with Russia

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Today marks 501 days of war in Ukraine and President Volofimir Zelenski has devoted himself to instilling in his soldiers, as well as in the population in general, confidence in the Ukrainian resistance and in the final victory in a conflict that totals more than 9,000 civilian casualties. The Azov battalion is considered a terrorist organization in Russia.

If yesterday started with a display of courage and strength on the Island of Snakes, a symbol of the Ukrainian resistance, the day ended with the return to Ukraine, led by Zelenski, of the five “hero” commanders of the battalion Azov, symbol of the strength of the Azovstal steel company last year in Mariupol.

“The return of the leaders of the Azov (regiment) from Turkey to Ukraine is nothing more than a direct violation of the terms of the agreements existing,” he told the agency Ria Novosti Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

Coinciding with these 500 days of war,USA delivers to kyiv the most important aid package since almost six months ago, on January 25, he announced the delivery of 31 tanques M1 Abrams to Zelensky’s troops, who will be able to use them at the end of September.

On the other hand, Washington has frustrated the hopes of Zelenski, who hoped to have Western support to speed up his country’s entry into NATO at the next summit in Vilnius, on July 11 and 12.

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