War Ukraine – Russia, last minute | Ukraine announces the arrest of "coordinator" of the Russian bombing against a pizzeria that already leaves 12 dead

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Ukrainian rescue services have already accounted for 12 fatalities of the Russian attack that hit a pizzeria in the city of Kramatorsk, located near the front in the Donetsk province. Among the 12 dead are three children, while 60 people have been injured. The Ukrainian Security Services announced the arrest of a person suspected of having transmitted to the Russian forces information about the attacked establishment and other points of concentration of civilians and essential infrastructure in Kramatorsk. The Russian Army claims to have destroyed a command post of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in that city, according to a Defense spokesman who has not made any reference to the deaths.

Meanwhile, the Russian daily The Moscow Times has reported, citing sources from the Russian Defense Ministry, the arrest of the Russian general Sergei Surovikin for alleged links to the uprising of the Wagner mercenary group last weekend. “The matter with him was not OK. For the authorities. I can’t say more,” said one of the sources quoted by the newspaper. According to the other source, “apparently he (Surovikin) chose (Wagner’s) side and they grabbed him by the balls.” At the moment, neither the Russian Ministry of Defense nor any other official institution has made a statement in this regard.

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