WarioWare: Get It Together! – The microgame madness continues!

Mit “WarioWare: Get It Together!” appears the popular Microgame collection first time for Nintendo Switch. With a new bizarre story, a multiplayer mode and crazy micro-games, you want to convince on the hybrid console. You can find out whether this succeeds in our review of the game.

A paradise full of micro-games

In 2003 it appeared for the first time with “Warioware Inc. ” the microgame collection on the Game Boy Advanced. The aim was to solve small tasks in short micro-games, i.e. games that last a maximum of 5 seconds. The tasks were not only simple, but also pretty crazy. The game became a success and so came out regularly, namely on everyone Nintendogerät, a Warioware Title on the market. For the Nintendo Switch is coming “WarioWare: Get It Together!” to the Commitment and here, too, you can look forward to a bizarre story, crazy characters and, above all, wacky microgames.

Bugs are the biggest evil of game developers and yet it turns in WarioWare all about that. not WarioWare itself is afflicted by it, but the video game by Wario. To destroy these little “vermin”, rushes Wario and his friends in a new adventure with all kinds of microgames. So much for the story of the game. While this may not be great, it is for one WarioWare Game not relevant anyway. Everything here revolves around crazy Games that require a high level of responsiveness from you. But what does that actually look like in detail? It’s very simple: the game starts with you in a “tutorial” world with Wario Gradually have to complete small micro-tasks. You only have a few seconds for each task. A voice and a short text display tell you what to do. “Catch”, “Connect”, “Dodge” are just a few of the many Prompts to win the respective microgames. Once you have solved the task, the next microgame follows. If you fail, you lose one of 5 lives and continue to play until you don’t have any more. At the end there is always a boss waiting for you who, unlike in the other games, gives you a lot more time to solve the task.

A quick response is required

While most of the tasks are fairly simple, the hardest part is getting the right task done in such a short amount of time using the scenario. While dodging that from to the tires that are coming your way are relatively simple and “on-the-fly”Running across the stage, you could“ connect ”several slimy Let beings stand there a little unquestionably. Which in principle wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t just have a few seconds to solve the microgame. All games can be played with the different characters aus dem WarioWare Complete universe. During the story you will gradually unlock new ones. Each figure is controlled differently. While “Dr. Crygor“Can float and interact with his head, you can use”Orbulon”Fly a small UFO and suck in objects. You can choose several characters that will be switched during the game. Each character can solve the games in its own way. Some characters are better suited to certain tasks than others. Which game appears with which character is decided by fate, so that you always have to adapt your style of play.

Microgame madness On your own or with friends

If you have completed the rather short story, you will unlock further game modes. For example, “Potpourri” allows you to play many small mini-games alone or against or with other players. For example, you can put your skills to the test in the “microgame arena”. Whoever survived the longest at the microgames wins! In “Puckpanik” you have to score a goal in hockey to be able to play a microgame. Your opponents are allowed to distract you here in the games. “Potpourri” is the perfect way to compete against your friends. If you prefer to play together, you can play the entire story with a second player. It even works on the same console. Everyone grabs one Joycon and off ok!

Big challenges in the endgame

The most interesting mode after the story, however, is the “Wario-Cup“. This offers you new ones every week Challenges which you yourselves worldwide measure against other players. You have to complete a certain number of mini-games as quickly as possible. At the end becomes the total time required relied on determine your ranking. but caution: If you fail to play a mini-game, you will get a huge penalty. In addition to the ranking in Wario-Cup, you can also refer to special points happy that you can spend in the game shop. This not only allows you to buy collectibles, but also new outfits or equipment for your characters. The latter brings you, for example, in the Wario-Cup additional point multipliers.

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You can use the graphic in “WarioWare: Get It Together!” not complain a lot. It offers bizarre microgames in many absurd scenarios that make you smile every now and then. The soundtrack is terrific and at least as chaotic as the games themselves. New characters are presented with charming animations and who WarioWare already knows, also knows that the various characters are also a little loose. But that’s exactly what makes one WarioWare from and in the newest offshoot, it couldn’t have been better ucan be walled up.


The same on every console generation: Wario is again doing nonsense in WarioWare, which the players have to pay for. So it is in “WarioWare: Get It Together!” and that’s exactly how you love it as a WarioWare fan. More than 200 absurd microgames are waiting for the nimble fingers, some of which are quite simple, while others require your entire concentration. There is also a story mode in the latest offshoot to get to know the games. Compared to its predecessors, however, this is comparatively very short. You will have the credits in front of the screen in 2-3 hours. The potpourri mode ensures long-lasting fun with friends or alone. The core of the endgame, however, is the Wario Cup, which provides you with new challenges every week. A global ranking provides additional motivation here. “WarioWare: Get It Together!” is certainly not for everyone, but if you are not deterred by this bizarre gameplay, you will get a funny game for hours of fun.


Name: WarioWare: Get It Together!
Genre: Game collection
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Release Date: 10. September 2021
Tested on: Switch
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