Warner’s answer to Super Smash already has 10 million players

It’s been just over two weeks since Warner Bros. and Player First Games released MultiVersus in open beta, and the game has already managed to accumulate over 10 million battle taps.

This reports Eurogamer.netwho have used the statistics website tracker.gg to track the total number of players. Here you can also see that the game has tons of active Steam users, with a total of 69,805 logged-in fighters at the time of writing. This places it well within the ten most popular games on the service.

That’s probably how the developers feel now.

Espen Jansen/Gamer.no

One must of course take into account that MultiVersus is a “free-to-play” game, but the numbers are still a good indication that MultiVersus is doing well on PC, and presumably also on most other platforms.

The game was actually supposed to enter its first season these days, but unfortunately it has postponed until further notice.

Fun gleeful violence

For the uninitiated, MultiVersus is a light-hearted fighting game where familiar and beloved mascots beat each other yellow and blue in cartoonish fashion.

It goes away in MultiVersus.

Espen Jansen/Gamer.no

Instead of playing as Nintendo characters – as you are used to from the Super Smash games – you use heroes and villains from Warner Bros. its portfolio. This includes Spin Bounce, Shaggy and Harley Quinn, but also more obscure features such as Arya Stark, the Iron Giant and LeBron James.

We at Gamer have also had a lot of good things to say about MultiVersus, even though we think it can’t currently compare to Super Smash:

– The selection of characters in MultiVersus is colorful and exciting; the characters, their attacks and weapons all feel unique; and the game has a jovial and happy-go-lucky attitude at all stages, wrote the undersigned in our first impression.

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