Warning after pomeranian needs emergency surgery


A woman warned of the dangers of a pet toy 5 km away after she almost killed her dog.

Leah Mabey published an article in the Toy Bone Dental saying that her Pomeranian had to undergo urgent surgery after she managed to chew the part and ingest it.

"Our little Pomeranian is still a puppy and like most dogs will try, but I thought I would be sure to buy this," he wrote.

He said his 10-month-old dog with "brand new teeth" had to undergo surgery to remove some of the toy from the intestine.

"I know that all the toys at a certain level will break, etc. But honestly I didn't think a chew level 4 toy wouldn't be able to be eaten by a little Pom," he said.

He said he wanted to publish the message as a warning to other animal lovers.

"Please, don't hate or comment on being a" bad pet owner "etc. I'm not here for that. Just write a short warning about this toy," he wrote.

Since then his post has been shared more than 2000 times and has attracted more than 3000 comments.

Ms. Mabey said she was worried that other large or small dogs could have the toy at home and that they might need surgery.

"My recommendation would be to throw it away," warned his post.

While Mabey is based in New Zealand, the toy is also available in Australia and the Kmart website shows that it is still able to be purchased online.

The site has a warning to people about "Choose toys that reflect your pet's style of play. Follow the instructions for use carefully."



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