Warning! The asteroid approached the Earth dangerously


The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space, NASA said it determined that an asteroid passed very close to Earth.

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NASA said days ago that the asteroid has called 2019 JB1 would approach the Earth, due to the gravitational attraction of the planets towards the Earth.

The asteroid was spotted for the first time at the beginning of this May and It was listed as an object near the Earth (NEO).

According to globovision.com, NASA has determined that the 2019 JB1 asteroid would have a traveled listed as "astronomically close" to the Earth, if a celestial body of this size collided with the Earth, it would cause an explosion similar to dozens of atomic bombs.

According to NASA, a large number of NEOs are approaching the Earth but no risk to the planet, but according to the calculations of the trajectory, speed and proximity calculated by the scientists of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the US government agency responsible of the program. spatial, determined that the asteroid 2019 JB1 was approaching much more to the Earth than the other NEOs.

The data from the space agency indicate that the celestial body measures approximately 390 meters long and 170 meters wide. The time he was closest to Earth was at 0:23 am on May 20th. The proximity was about 6.4 million kilometers, detailed globovision.com.

The NASA research states that "If a rocky meteorite exceeds 25 meters, but less than a kilometer, it reaches the Earth, it is more likely to hit and destroy areas of the impact area", explains the portal. news globovision.com. He adds that the space agency believes it Any object over two kilometers that affects our planet could affect it globally.

NASA believes that the 2019 JB1 asteroid could pose a danger because every 2 or 3 years it approaches Earth again.

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