Health Warning the British of the danger of an epidemic...

Warning the British of the danger of an epidemic the source of his “bones black”!

Date of publication:15.06.2020 | 09:07 GMT | Health


Media said a British expert warned that the Bone Black used in Chinese medicine “can cause in deaths of cruel humans”.

The newspaper “Daily Star” about the expert pointed out that the bone that is collected from the farmer the breeding of lions in South Africa which are used in Chinese medicines can be a risk of spread of tuberculosis or food poisoning or even the “SGRF – 19”.

The press in the report, in particular, that wildlife experts believe that trading bones black captive for use in traditional Chinese medicine may cause the pandemic.

He warned Lord Ashcroft., former vice chairman of the Conservative Party of the British, that the miserable conditions in which black in special farms raise her in South Africa can cause a global health crisis new similar epidemic of the virus are present.

Stated Ashcroft. in the recently released book about this experience titled “The Game is unfair”, that 333 farm fenced with thousands of black are found in South Africa and these big cats killed for their bones for use in Chinese medicine and in the manufacture of wine, jewelry, Chinese, claiming that the bones be profitable when produced from Black is still alive, to retain the “pink” caused by the blood remaining inside.

Sprinkle Ashcroft. that the dirt and the unhygienic conditions that these animals live in their exposure to the risk of infection with deadly diseases, including TB and food poisoning, which in turn may then proceed to humans.

He wrote to Lord Ashcroft. in his book, saying: “so we’re in the bedroom directly to the crisis dangerous new in the field of Public Health, its core industry bones black? I’m afraid we do it”.

And the British press that there is no evidence to support the hypothesis of Lord Ashcroft. that lion bones can cause a pandemic the size of the virus coronary current (SK).

In return, said Peter Caldwell, a veterinarian specializing in wildlife during the debate in the newspaper “The Sun”, he shared Lord Ashcroft. concern about diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

Source: Media UK


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