Business Warren Buffett sells millions of Goldman Sachs shares: "Time...

Warren Buffett sells millions of Goldman Sachs shares: “Time to worry”

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Investment guru Warren Buffett sold 84% of his stake in one of the largest banks, Goldman Sachs. Analysts believe that it is a signal for the entire market.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reduced its stake in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. from 2.9% to 0.6%. At the end of last year, the company’s stake in the bank was worth around $ 2.3 billion. Now $ 330 million, reports the Bloomberg agency.

Analysts in the media believe that “it is time to worry.”

At the same time, the Financial Times newspaper wrote that Buffett’s sale of Goldman Sachs shares is “a very clear sign“For the entire market.” The world’s leading investor intends to sit on the sidelines of the stock market. ”

Buffett explained the differences between the 2008 market panic, in which he had acquired the stake in Goldman Sachs, and the current crisis.

“In 2008 and 2009 our economy train derailed and there were some reasons why the road was weak … This time, we took the train off the tracks,” FT quotes Warren Buffett.



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