Warzone 2.0 returns to its roots with the launch of the new season: these are all the changes that bring it even closer to its past – Call of Duty: Warzone 2

If at its launch it was already very similar to the original game, the arrival of the second season in Warzone 2.0 promise bring it even closer to the old version of the game. That’s the foregone conclusion after taking a look at all the changes the developers have promised for the next big update. The return of the classic gulag, with the same map from the first season, is just the icing on the cake. In the end, and although the title remains with a healthy 100,000 concurrent users on Steam during its best hours of the day (we would still have to add Battle.Net and consoles) the interest of the players has progressively declined since the launch.

Warzone is updated by looking at its past

Although it is not necessary to appeal to the epic, it is time to put on the suit of comebacks. To do this, the game will undergo major changes that promise give players back what they loved so much about the original Warzone. The key premise is to recover that frenetic pace that made it a somewhat different battle royale. out in Worldly the en Caldera, the operation of the systems was simple as the mechanism of a slipper, but also highly effective. Collecting loot without stopping to analyze too much or quickly getting money to request a delivery of weapons and getting into annihilating mode were, perhaps, the great charms of the title.

come back too an alternative and much smaller map to fulfill the role that one day Rebirth had. That middle ground between battle royale mechanics and traditional multiplayer was something many players missed from the original experience. After all, it is very difficult to justify the complete deletion of some playable alternatives that convinced the community just to ensure the administration of new doses of content after launch.

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The changes announced for the next season of Warzone are as follows

  • The Gulag 1v1 returns. While working on a new map, the one from the first season of Warzone will be used
  • Earning money has been sped up to make finding resources faster
  • The ‘loot’ will now be shown floating on the map, just like in the first edition of Warzone. Backpacks are also removed
  • Perks Choice Packs Return
  • The price of drops and weapons at buy stations has been reduced
  • Buy Stations will appear in fixed locations and will be more common
  • Returning to the three armor plate system, players will be able to quickly pass through doors while equipping them
  • Adjusted rewards for AI battles
Loot Warzone

It does not matter which change from the list we want to choose. With the exception of the last one, which alludes to a mechanic that did not exist in the previous edition of Warzone, all confirm a return to the origins. We are talking about very important adjustments for a title that, barely three months after its launch, has decided to get rid of a large part of many of its most characteristic systems. In this sense, It would have been better to enforce the “if it works, don’t touch it”. Call of Duty: Warzone needed a reboot in terms of weapons and balance, but not a change to its solid and fun fundamentals.

More details about Season 2 will be revealed over the next week, which will launch on February 15. In addition to these adjustments, we must pay attention to those that will reach both the mode DMZ such as Modern Warfare 2. Especially the latter promises be renewed with the introduction of game modes highly anticipated by the community.

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