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A new update is available on COD Warzone. It comes to add season 4 and integrate a good number of new features.

A new update for COD Warzone is available today and it introduces all the novelties of season 4. Treyarch has shared his patch note and we are going to present you the various new features added by it.

Among the novelties we find a new battle pass, a new zone on Verdesk, a new fast travel system and many more.

The novelties of season 4 on Warzone

The update for Season 4 of Warzone is available. To be able to use it, you obviously need to download it, here is its size per console:

  • PlayStation 5: 11 Go
  • PlayStation 4: 11 Go
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 11.2 Go
  • Xbox One: 11.2 Go
  • PC: 12.3 Go (Warzone) / 13.5 Go (Warzone et Modern Warfare)

A new Battle pass

In this new update a new Battle pass is available and is on 100 levels. This Battle Pass includes new skins, new weapons, accessories, COD points and many more.

Ground Fall

A new event is available: Ground Fall. In this event you will need to find the new Sat-Link station while looting satellites that may have crashed. Completing the objectives can earn you many prizes including an Epic Weapon Blueprint.

A new game mode

This is the mode Verdanks Resurgence Mini which is available now. The rules are the same as the standard Rebirth Island Resurgence mode with a maximum number of seats of 45 operators. This therefore gives shorter games but with more interesting loot.

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New on the map

A Red Doors appeared in Verdansk, a new gulag is available and new satellites have appeared in Krovnik farmland, block 18, block 16 and Gora bridge. A new vehicle is also available, a moto cross findable through Verdesk.


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