Was it a stick? He passed through Boca, was praised by Riquelme and assured: “When it was my turn to be, Gallardo’s karma was not felt”

In recent years the duels between River Y Boca They became real battles as there were countless crossings hand to hand, mainly for the Copa Libertadores. All of this began to occur in 2014, just when Marcelo gallardo He took over as the Millionaire’s coach, and the truth is that for the man born in Merlo, everything turned out in the best way. For this reason there are already several who ensure that the Doll became a Karma for him Xeneize.

However, for some this was not always the case. One of those who spoke in the last hours was Federico Pacho Carrizo, steering wheel emerged from Rosario Central that today is in Cerro Porteño. He came to the riverbank club in 2014 and actually received several accolades from Riquelme, who considered him the best player he had Boca at that moment. Over time, it lost its place and finally its cycle closed in 2016.

Reviewing the clashes with River made it clear that at the time there was not much thought about the Millionaire’s coach. «When it was my turn to be in Boca, the cycle of Gallardo it was beginning, so that karma was not felt, ”he explained, making it clear that the Doll still did not have the back that he has now. At the same time he commented that the passage of time and the triumphs were enlarging the figure of the DT of La Banda.

«In a classic when the games are not in favor, obviously you have that inside, the week is media, but when the player enters the field he forgets everything. For the player it is natural to have bad streaks, but there comes a point when it weighs a little, more when you are in clubs like Boca The River«, He opined, considering that perhaps recently the Xeneize did begin to feel a backpack due to the duels in the Libertadores.

By last, Carrizo analyzed analyzed the news of the two biggest clubs in Argentina and leaned towards the last champion of local soccer. «Today I like more Boca what River. I really like how he defends and from there the players loosen up more, it’s more sharp and vertical Toto Salvio, Charlie Brown it’s on a great level … Maybe others like it River, because he plays beautifully, but I love the other game idea more, more compact, such as that of Boca«He concluded in dialogue with Radio Colonia.

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