Washing machines that ensure the cleanliness of clothes at an unprecedented new level

Clothes play a very important role in our lives. With its help, it is possible to improve your personality, develop your individual style and even demonstrate your feelings and mood. Pleasantly smelling, perfectly clean and ironed clothes give even more confidence and also create a good image of a person. We entrust the care of clothes to a washing machine, therefore the purchase of a high-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient device should be considered a valuable long-term investment. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to take care not only of the surrounding environment, but also of your own comfort and well-being.

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The cleanliness of the clothes – unprecedented quality

According to research conducted worldwide, it has been established that on average one person owns around 148 pieces of clothing. Quite an impressive number, isn’t it? In addition, they are likely to have different textures and fabric compositions. If in the past our grandparents and great-grandparents organized separate laundry days, today washing clothes could not be easier, because modern and “smart” technologies can quickly and efficiently do this time-consuming and tiring work for us.

However, with the rapid increase in the price of energy resources, the issue of saving measures, which also includes the frequency of use of household appliances, becomes relevant. In fact, if you buy a washing machine of the middle or highest energy efficiency class, you don’t have to worry about electricity and water consumption anymore, because it will not be disproportionately high.

Perfect stain removal using steam

Let’s face it, each of us has at least one piece of clothing that we can no longer wear because of that one stain that is impossible to clean. backhoe washing machines are equipped with “Steam Cure” technology, which ensures excellent clothing cleanliness. At the beginning of the wash cycle, the steam loosens the stains, making it much easier to clean the garment in the subsequent stages of its washing. On the other hand, the steam supply in the final stage restores the shape of the clothes, while making the fabric soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

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Even the busiest people will be able to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of this function on a daily basis, because it is possible to wash clothes in just 28 (full washing machine) or 14 (2 kg laundry) minutes.

Reducing the loss of washing powder

Did you know that in standard washing machines, approximately 20% of the detergent is not fully used? This means that the money is literally coming washed away in the sewer. Even though such a loss may not seem very large, it definitely adds up to a significant amount, for example, within a year. Taking care of the full and effective use of the detergent, backhoe washing machines are equipped with the innovative “Aqua Fusion” technology, which prevents the loss of washing powder, allowing you to save both finances and also reduce the disproportionate loss of detergent.

Garments that are free of bacteria

Despite the fact that the clothes have been freshly washed and dried, they can still harbor various unwanted microorganisms, so it is important to pay attention to whether the washing machine is equipped with the “Hygiene+” function, which will quickly and effectively get rid of pollen, mites and various bacteria that tend to cause allergic reactions, affecting well-being and overall quality of life. In addition, the hygiene program integrated in the washing machines has been approved by “Allergy UK”, which confirms that the devices have been thoroughly tested and scientifically verified, proving that they can effectively destroy various microorganisms, including allergens.

Impeccably smooth clothes even after several hours in the washing machine

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Sometimes, in our busy and busy everyday life, we tend to forget about seemingly less important nuances. For example, unloading the washed laundry. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore, because even within 8 hours after the cycle is finished in a closed washing machine, the clothes will be much less wrinkled, thanks to the special mode that performs an additional rotation every few minutes.

Buying a washing machine – what else is worth knowing about it?

Although, undeniably, the latest technologies and functions are a significant factor when choosing a washing machine model, it is also important to consider other equally important nuances:

  • room size. The parameters of the washing machine will also depend on it, so it is recommended to carefully measure the height and width of the place first. You will also be able to avoid unpleasant incidents when the purchased device does not fit in its intended place at all;
  • amount of laundry and frequency of washing. JIf you are a large family with small children, it would be optimal to buy a washing machine with a capacity starting from 8 kg. On the other hand, if the clothes are washed relatively rarely, for example, once a week or two, a device that can load up to 7 kg of laundry will do;
  • design appeal. Although the functionality of the washing machine should be taken into account primarily, without a doubt its appearance is also important, especially if you have purchased a free-standing device that cannot be “hidden” in an elegant cabinet or shelf. Mostly, the design of washing machines is kept in a minimalist style, highlighting only a few elements, so it is relatively easy to include it in the overall interior of the house or room;
  • economy. We invite you to pay attention to the energy efficiency class, which is denoted by the letters A to G. The more plus signs next to the letter, the more energy efficient the washing machine will be (class C is currently the most energy efficient). When buying a washing machine, make sure that it is equipped with a function that reports when there is a leak, thus helping to reduce unnecessary and unnecessary water consumption.
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Proper and regular maintenance of the device is the cornerstone of its longevity

Each of us wants the purchased household appliances to last as long as possible, so that the clothes are washed perfectly and do not rust. However, in order to achieve this, the washing machine also needs proper care and maintenance from time to time. It’s basically a simple process:

  1. Filter cleaning. It tends to collect various dirt, as well as small things, such as rings, earrings, coins, etc., so clean it regularly.
  2. Cleaning the detergent and softener drawers. Leftover washing powder and fabric softener can create a breeding ground for bacteria. On the other hand, to avoid unpleasant aromas, it is recommended to keep the drawer half-open so that air circulates in it.
  3. Cleaning the washing machine. At least a couple of times a year, it is recommended to run the device at idle speed. This means setting the special mode (recommended at 90°C) and using the cleaning agents intended for them. In this way, the washing machine will clean itself and at the same time improve its performance.

Our everyday life without a washing machine is difficult to imagine, so it is even more important to invest in quality household appliances that guarantee sustainability and consistently high quality, which can be provided by modern technologies combined with functional solutions.

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