Washington brakes Chinese talent


An employee of the American semiconductor manufacturer Globalfoundries
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The tightened policy of the American government endangers, according to some companies, their chances of recruiting the best talent for demanding technical jobs – because they come mainly from China.

DThe US government is making the employment of Chinese in semiconductor companies more difficult. The Wall Street Journal reports significantly fewer work permits for Chinese people. This obviously affects new hires as well as transfers from foreign branches to the United States.

Winand from Petersdorff-Campen

According to managers of industry, politics has changed significantly in the last year. Affected by the report are Intel, Qualcomm and Globalfoundries. There are currently around 380,000 Chinese students studying in the United States, most of them in technical and scientific disciplines. A large part of the engineering offices for foreigners goes to Chinese. According to the companies, the tightened policy jeopardizes their chances of recruiting the best talents for demanding technical jobs.

The government apparently follows the new policy in an effort to prevent the dumping of American technology. In addition to traditional visas, members of certain countries such as China, Iran or Russia still need special permits to work in areas that are considered technologically sensitive. Previously, such licenses were issued within weeks, today it can take six to eight months, according to the report.

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