Watch and know the latest Kia versions with a new sporty look

Testify Kia car K5 The all-new advanced Great With the transfer of most sedans Best sellers from Kia To theFor straight background design, Andgathering this car Among the new design Dazzling Driver-focused interior, with a group of Advanced technologies, and all-new powertrain options.

And this development in a car K5With its dazzling straight-back appearance and Smart Stream gasoline engines, it is the beginning of a new stage for Kia cars, where the Korean car company is witnessing a qualitative shift and adopting a new direction in design.

Sales of this car started in the region Including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan markets Since Friday May 1, the car has been distinguishedSedan These high-end sportswear have high-quality accessories The cabin Interior, besides Advanced technology-based security features and base structure features the new, To make these improvements and additions a car K5 More comfortable, stable and fun for drivers than ever before.

And he said Thomas Chimera, Head of Product Division, Kia MotorsWhen we launched a car K5 In 2010, Formed The beginning of a new phase in Kia, Where it appeared Designed GuyR How to think someOur nation is trading in various markets around the world. And today, two generations after that car, we Believers that a car K5 New You will do the same again. Through straight background design, car K5 One of the most sporty cars we’ve produced is; AndThanks to the comprehensive and advanced technology group, engines and conveyors the speed New, luxurious interior, it’s one of the most Our cars Sophisticated “.

“You will play a car K5 Certainly a central role in Strengthen Kia presence in the automotive sectorSedan Worldwide, AndA decade after the appearance of its earlier version, which led to a changeat BigeRepresent this car The most prominent milestones in the transmission of Kia to a company Specialized Produce aFor a carLovable v World-class“.

And he said Yasser Shabsough, Executive Director of Kia Motors’ operations in the Middle East and Africa: “Car K5 Durable, backed by the latest technology improvementse Dazzling sports details send a clear message: Kia’s perseverance in embracing everything new and interesting. With the launch of the carSedan Straight etc.toIn this, you will see something of the future, while preserving the legacy of a car K5 Who we are proud of Excellent performance And a satisfying driving experience for fans of auto adventure in the region. From the Emirates to Oman, from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, Drivers in the Arabian Gulf are known to be among the most distinguished car enthusiasts in the world, with their constant appreciation Based on experience For high-end cars. Car K5 With its sporty personality, it is designed to live up to the expectations of the car enthusiastaSuch sophistication and transcendence underscore Kia’s commitment to prestigious engineering and exciting vehicle adventures. ”

Exterior design

Athletic and graceful: Car K5 With a straight back design

An expression of Kia style the talk In design, Come to you Car K5 In appearanceThis exterior is straight back, to be one of the most kia designs Distinguished Mathematical character so far.

AndThis vehicle was designed through collaboration between the three Kia Design Studios in North America, Europe and Korea, And the difference of a car K5 New than its previous generations is the largest of its kind to date.

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