Watch – Lamita Franjieh practicing incest with her son in the bathtub

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Aden – Yasmine El Tohamy – The Lebanese actress and model, Lamita Franjieh, shared new photos with her followers through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.

And the Lebanese model appeared while she was spending her summer vacation with a bold look, and Lamita wrote a comment on the photo, saying: “Sometimes you need to escape.”

Lamita Franjieh appeared in a bold look, wearing a bare-shouldered top with an exposed belly, and coordinated with him a Tiger legging short, and left her hair loose on her shoulders in a distinctive way.

The artist, Lamita Franjieh, is keen to share with her followers and fans, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, the most prominent photos and looks that appear in her on various occasions.

It is noteworthy that Lamita Franjieh’s latest cinematic work, “Omar and Salma 3”, was co-starred by Tamer Hosni, Mai Ezz El Din and Izzat Abu Auf, produced by Mohamed El Sobky and directed by Mohamed Sami.

Lamita Franjieh participated with the artist, Ramiz Jalal, in the movie “Had Samea Haga” and with Muhammad Ragab in the movie “Mohtram except a quarter”, and the movie 365 Days of Happiness with Ahmed Ezz, and she played a small role with the artist Muhammad Heneidy in the series “Monsieur Ramadan Mabrouk Abul Alamein Hamouda.”

Lamita Franjieh gave up her title in the Miss Lebanon 2004 and 2005 competitions as the first runner-up because she wants to complete her career without any engagements or contracts.

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Lamita Franjieh married Lebanese businessman Freddy Makhrez in November 2014 in Paris, and the couple had their first son, Justin, in August 2016 in the United States of America.

And Lamita Franjieh is currently moving away from acting 8 years ago, as her last presence was through the movie “Omar and Salma 3” with the star Tamer Hosni and the star Mai Ezz El Din, and she did not appear after that in any artistic work, although she has the ingredients of a beautiful female, but she is the least middle. Lebanese artists of her generation working in Egypt.

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