Watch! “Latvian Sam Smith” or Tom Simo offers a new single – Music

The young and promising artist Tom Simo, who is often also called the Latvian Sam Smith, has given a new song “Heartbeat” to the audience. It was made together with Jānis Narbuts, a member of the group “Rock’n’Berries” and a music producer.

Tom Simo or real name Toms Samsons is an 18-year-old singer from Saldus. The song “Sirdsmāc” is the musician’s second composition in Latvian, which follows the debut single “Tālumā” announced last summer. According to the artist, while he is still in search of his own special sound or musical handwriting, the opportunity to experiment with voice, mood and musical diversity is especially appreciated. “I like this diversity, the opportunity to try myself in different scales. “Heartbeat” was another journey into the unknown, which is now crowned with positive emotions, unforgettable experience and great results. I want to create music with content – both lyrical and musical. And I think the new song is just that, ”says Tom.

Although such “young and promising” Latvian lands are blessed from time to time to disappear at the same rapid pace, at least the first pieces of Tom are really hopeful – also “Heartbeat”, to which Krister Dreimanis trumpet gives a special accent. Rock’n’Berries bassist Jānis Narbuts points to the young musician’s unique timbre and courage to experiment: “Tom Simo is one of the most promising artists of the new generation – creative, brave, ready to experiment. In addition, it’s easy to work with the young musician – Tom Simo knows what he wants, so all he has to do is hone his ideas so that the song and its sound get the desired outline. ” The next concert of the young sweetener is planned for tomorrow, July 22, at the cultural bar “Balodis”, where besides him Loreta Reide with the accompanying line-up and the group “Bekars” will also perform.

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