Watch live “women’s volleyball” Thai national team wins South Korea in the Nations League 2022 battle

watch live Wed 29 Jun. “Women’s Volleyball” Thai national team have a competitive program Volleyball Nations League 2022 VNL2022 in bulgaria Week 3, field 3 by Thai national team Doing work in the first field or week 1, compete in Turkey Performance at that time, the Thai national team won 3, lost 1, the second field or the second week of the competition in the Philippines, Thailand won 1, lost 3.

watch live “Women’s Volleyball” Thai national team Week 3 or Field 3 starts
(29 June – 3 July) First match program Wednesday 29 June Thailand meets South Korea Competition time 21.00 (GMM 25 live broadcast, can be viewed via TV only. no broadcast Internet) for South Korea before meeting the Thai national team Last 16th of the table, played 8 matches, lost all 8 matches

Wednesday 29 June at 21.00 Thailand meets South Korea GMM Channel 25 live

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Thailand women’s national volleyball team There is a program to compete in Volleyball Nations League 2022, match the 9th match against the South Korean national team. Thailand is ranked 8th in the table while South Korea is ranked 16th or the last of the table.


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