Watch out! Here are 4 drinks that can increase the risk of heart disease

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Heart disease can be triggered from a bad lifestyle and consumption of unhealthy drinks. Here are 4 drinks that can increase the risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is a chronic disease that can be life threatening. So, it is important for everyone to maintain a healthy heart.

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Consumption of unhealthy foods can increase the risk of heart disease. So, you also have to be selective in consuming food and drinks to maintain heart health.

Just so you know, there are several types of drinks that can reduce heart health and even increase the risk of heart disease.

Here’s a list of drinks that are bad for your heart health

1. Fruit juice

Fruit juice is known as a healthy drink. Most people feel that drinking a glass of fruit juice can provide nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the body.

In fact, you will only add sugar that enters the body. Asla knows that fruit juices are low in fiber, high in calories, and high in sugar.

Fruit juice can make blood sugar levels spike suddenly and increase the risk of heart attack in both men and women.

2. Soda

Soda is a type of drink that is bad for heart health. Just so you know, one bottle of soda contains more than your daily sugar needs.

A study states someone who drinks too much soda 20% higher risk of heart disease.

3. Energy drinks

Energy drinks contain caffeine and sugar. Caffeine in moderation is good for health. However, the caffeine content in energy drinks is quite a lot so it is not good for heart health.

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Energy drinks can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack in older people.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol consumed in high amounts can harm the health of people with heart disease. In addition, alcohol consumption can increase the risk of high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and heart attacks

“Healthy drink for heart patients is buttermilk. However, it must be seen whether the person has diabetes or not and whether he suffers from high blood pressure. Other drinks that are good for heart health are coconut water, and fresh fruit juice extracts made at home,” he said. Nutritionist Dr Vasundhara Singh.

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