Watch out! Small deposits and the SAT, this comes in the 2022 fiscal model

PACHUCA.- The federal government expect to receive in 2022, for Value Added Tax (VAT) 1 billion 213 thousand millions of pesos, and Income Tax (ISR) expect to get 2 trillion 73 thousand millions of pesos, which represents a 24 percent increase and 8.6 percent compared to 2021, respectively.

That is, the global estimate of collection of all taxes for next year is 11 percent more than this year, share on the website Latinus, Enrique Pons Franco, doctor of law, university professor with a specialty in tax law, administrative and constitutional.

In his article, Pons Franco points out some of the tax news what to expect for the year 2022, particularly the fight against the so-called “invoices” (fiscal practices of purchase and sale of invoices), in addition to the new fiscal model called “trustworthy“which, he indicates, will strengthen” the inspection of the cash deposits, something that commonly people think that, if they are small payments, do not pay taxes“.

The above clarifies it by specifying that the ISR Law, when it comes to obtaining income, what exempts from your payment are the concepts, and not the amounts. Thus, it foresees that “within 200 items that they propose to modify within the tax laws, specifically and surely will be reformed by the Congress of the Union Article 55, section IV, of the ISR Law“.

Said article specifies that “the institutions that make up the Mexican financial system have among other obligations, to provide annually and no later than the February 15 each year, the information of the cash deposits that are made in the accounts opened in the name of the contributors, when the Monthly amount accumulated by cash deposits that are carried out in all the accounts of which the taxpayer is the holder, exceed 15 thousand pesos“.

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In other words, with the reform that the Congress of the Union in the following weeks, the SAT you will find out about the deposits no longer on an annual basis, but on a monthly basis, which translates into a broader collection of taxes, specify.

The delivery of the information to the SAT, in the case of deposits that exceed 15 thousand pesos, as well as with respect to all cash acquisitions of cashier’s checks (regardless of the amount), must be made no later than the 17th of each month”.

The intention, he said, is “to have timely information to support the faculties inspection from the tax authorities, which will obviously translate into a broader collection of taxes“.

“So if you are Physical person, you probably want to join the tax formality through the so-called trust regime, because now you will be more guarded, “he said.

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