Watch Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back The first Evolution trailer


Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is the next film in the series, and with it comes a new era for the Pokémon anime. Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and all the others we remember from a distance when they are entering a third dimension generated by the computer. And they seem very strange.

A 30-second teaser for the upcoming film, which will debut in Japan this summer, is here for the rest of us to look in equal parts to the horror, equal parts of regrets. For it, this is not our beautiful Pokémon anime. Instead, the video suggests a remake of Pokémon: the first movie, published in 1999, which tells the original story of Mewtwo and also presents Ash who dies for a hot sec.

For this anniversary of the 20th anniversary, the Pokémon Company has gone with a fluid animation style that transforms our comic book friends into talking dolls.

Maybe I'm too strict for what's really just a quick look at this movie. The Pokémon we see in it, for example, look really good; there is some nice texturing for them – definitely preferable to the dramatic … realistic textures in Detective Pikachu. Even the background environments are beautiful. But I can not shake the feeling that there is something very wrong with the human cast here.

I think this tweet from Did you know that Gaming is Liam Robertson it puts it better so far:

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution it's in Japanese theaters on July 12th. No western version has been confirmed yet.


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