Watch.. She appeared as a skeleton.. The youngest star of the series “Bab Al-Hara” shocked everyone with her slender body and rib cage (photos)

You are now following the news. She appeared as a skeleton.. The youngest star of the series “Bab Al Hara” shocked everyone with her slender body and rib cage (photos) and now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwaida bin Abbas – Many pages specialized in art and celebrity news circulated, on social media, a picture of the star of the famous Syrian series “Bab Al-Hara”, in which she appeared in a strange way.

And the circulated pages of this look expressed their shock at the transformation of the controversial star of the last parts of “Bab Al-Hara”, Shams Bassam Al-Mulla, into a semi-skeleton.

In turn, many observers wondered about the reason for the excessive thinness in which the young woman, Shams Bassam Al-Mulla, appeared. They also expressed, in their comments on the photo, their fear that she might have contracted a serious disease.

And by searching for the source of the circulating image, we found that it had been published earlier, through the account of the daughter of the great Syrian director, Bassam Al-Mulla, on the photo and video exchange site, Instagram.

And Shams Al Mulla, in her appearance, wore a top that exposed her chest and armpits, and chose a regular hairstyle that fell to her back, with heavy makeup that caused some distortion in her facial features.

The artist, Shams, also appeared, very thin, which made most of her followers focus on this aspect, and many of them described her as a “skeleton.” The comments on the image, the star of the last parts of the famous series “Bab Al-Hara”, this time contained criticism and ridicule regarding the excessive thinness that showed her ribs and rib cage.

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In addition to these comments, a few followers talked about her revealing clothes, her beauty, and her daring looks on an ongoing basis.

These are some of the comments of the followers: “Every little bit of thinning, take care that you don’t disappear,” “Congratulations, you have mustaches,” “There is no consistency between the face and the body,” “Too skinny is forbidden, like this, tell me that you are coming out of starvation,” “Munawwara Shamousi,” “Sarah Skeleton”, “I was a good loss in Bab Al-Hara”, “You are an actress, nothing to do”, “The Moon of the Night of the Stars”.

Recently, the star of the “Bab Al Hara” series, Shams Bassam Al Mulla, published, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, a bold video clip and pictures that sparked widespread controversy.

The daughter of the Syrian director and producer, known as Bassam Al-Mulla, wore a white transparent dress that revealed most of her body.

And she appeared in the first picture, lifting her transparent dress from the bottom, to reveal more clearly her legs and thighs, in addition to her exposed chest and stomach.

In the second photo, she appeared standing with her hands holding the top of her buttocks, and her bare chest was prominent, with the rest of her body emerging – as in the first shot – from under her transparent dress.

In the video clip, the controversial Syrian young woman appeared, playing on a “swing”, and getting closer and closer to the camera to show her parts from the front more clearly.

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The daughter of the Syrian director and producer, Bassam Al-Mulla, “Shams”, started the artistic work by storming the ninth part of the “Bab Al-Hara” series in 2017, after her brother Adham participated in the first parts of it as “Salim”.

Shams’ joining the series sparked controversy at the time about her talent and her eligibility to play the role, but she excelled in playing her role and achieved great success, which elevated her to the starring role alongside a number of the rest of the “Bab Al Hara” team shown after the ninth part.

The works of the young artist’s father, director and producer Bassam Al-Mulla, especially those that dealt with the Damascene environment, including the famous series “Bab Al-Hara”, were known for their wide audience in the Arab world.

His works won many golden awards at the Cairo Festival for Levantine Days in the series “Al-Ababid” and the award for best directing for the first part of the series “Bab Al-Hara” at the Arab Television Festival in Tunisia, and other prestigious Arab and international awards.

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