Watch the crazy video of Tesla Model 3 that autonomously collects the owner in the parking lot


Tesla is currently working on a new version of its Summon feature that allows its vehicles to autonomously navigate in the parking lots and collect the owners upon request.

The latest version is becoming impressive as an owner has demonstrated the ability of a crazy (but low quality) video of his Model 3 that captured him.

At the beginning of this year, we published a first exclusive look at Tesla's new Enhanced Summon, which allows vehicles to self-drive in parking lots.

Tesla built the function in addition to its "Summon" function, which merely moved back and forth to get in and out of parking situations.

Enhanced Summon allows Tesla vehicles to autonomously navigate in much more complex parking situations than simply moving forward or backward.

In the beta release notes, Tesla describes Summon as "a parking assistance feature that helps you bring your car to you or to the destination of your choice by sailing out of the parking lots and maneuvering items if necessary."

When you have the update in your car and the latest update of the mobile app, you start to see an updated "Summon" tab that includes not only the normal "Forward" and "Inverse" actions, but also "Advanced Evocation":

These two options only work if your position or pivot is within 150 feet of the car.

In March, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would gradually start implementing the new feature for multiple owners.

The function has been postponed and is still largely limited to some beta testers. Based on the feedback we received from some of them last month, the functionality is rather "fickle".

Depending on the situation, it can work well, but sometimes the vehicle crashes because in certain situations it is too careful.

Tesla has improved functionality and now some beta testers are seeing some more impressive features than the new Advanced Summon.

One of them published a video of a Model 3 that comes out of a car park independently and brings it back to the owner, while he has to take care of 2 different vehicles that drive around the parking lot (warning that the video is of very low quality):

Electrek & # 39; s take

These types of features are exciting because they offer us glimpses of how fully autonomous driving will be.

The fact that Tesla is already putting this in the hands of real customers is also crazy on its own.

At first it seemed only a more advanced version of Autopark, but the opposite.

Now with this new video, it shows some remarkable ability to manage parking traffic. I can't wait to try this feature in different scenarios.

This weekend, Elon said the feature will be transferred to the larger fleet later this month. He said "they need to merge many updates into the main code branch".

It appears that they have recently updated the function.

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