Watch- the son of a famous Egyptian artist, displaced on the streets of Morocco, and seeks help from the king

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Publication date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – 14:58
3/31/2020 2:58:37 PM

Fame, successes and money of some stars of art, sometimes their children do not inherit, as much as they inherit crises and difficult conditions after the death of their relatives of artists.

“Nour”, son of the late great artist Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib, suffered from what has been mentioned during the past years, and the situation has now reached that he became homeless in the streets of the state of Morocco, where he has lived for more than 20 years, and he was unable to return to Egypt because of the measures that prevent him from Back.

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Nour revealed in a television interview that he is currently experiencing a major crisis, explaining that one of the Moroccan friends preferred and honored him and gave him an apartment in a residential building he owned, and he died after that, pointing out that he remained in this residence for 12 years, and he lives with all the love and affection with the people of Morocco, loves them and loves him But, on Tuesday, he was surprised that the wife of his late friend, the owner of the residence, came with her and others to drive him out of the apartment.

He continued: “The deprived campus came and took me out of the house without regard for my health, my old age, or the difficult circumstances that the country is going through … they came out without mercy, the last thing I imagined was in a problem between me and the family of the deceased who honored me for many years.”

He appealed to the son of the late artist, King of Morocco Mohamed VI, to include him with his sympathy and care and to order the provision of a home for him, so that he could spend the rest of his life in the country of Morocco he wishes to die on its soil, saying: “I am with pride and appreciation, allow me to dare to ask our master and our master The Commander of the Faithful, King Mohamed VI, he includes me with his kindness and care, and shows me housing in the difficult circumstances in which the country exists, and I do not have a residence .. The Moroccan people honored me throughout the years that I stayed, and I will not leave the country here except to my grave. “

It is reported that Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib (born August 13, 1910 in Shoubrakhit, Beheira Governorate – died August 21, 1980) is an Egyptian singer, technically and popularly known as “Abdel-Muttalib”.

I love singing al-Mawawil, Mahmoud al-Sharif wrote to him, “Ask me to love you for him,” and she succeeded, so he recorded it on a disk and Abdel-Wahab produced the movie “Taxi Hantoura”. “5 from the beloved.” Shafiq Jalal, Muhammad Rushdi and Muhammad Al-Ezabi were students on his hands, among his most famous songs were “Ramadan Jana”, written by Hussein Tantawi, and composed by Mahmoud Al-Sharif.

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