Watch .. the summary of the Ismaili and Al-Ittihad match in the Egyptian League

Watts Koora presents a match summary Ismaili And Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, which ended with an exciting victory for the Dervishes, in the confrontation that brought them together in the championship competitions Egyptian League Excellent, for the current season.

and win Ismaili on me Alexandria FederationYesterday, Thursday, with a clean goal, to calculate the 30th round of the championship Egyptian League Excellent.

<h3 id="h-Ismaili-against-Ittihad”>Ismaili against the union

The meeting between the two teams started today at 6:30 pm Cairo local time, and 7:30 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah time.

The two entered the match with the aim of achieving victory over the second, especially in light of the need for each of them to achieve victory, as well as their proximity to each other in the ranking table.

Strong competition between each of them in the ranking table Egyptian LeagueThe goal of each of them was to win, to move away more and more from the relegation circle to the Egyptian second division.

Each of them tried from the beginning to score the first goals early, in order to put the team in front and put the other in a late position, as they tried from the beginning to score.

The first dangerous attack came by Mohamed Dunga, the Ismaili star, with a powerful shot in the fifth minute, but Mohamed Abdel-Monsef, Al-Ittihad goalkeeper, managed to stop it.

After that, Al-Ismaili continued to pressure the Al-Ittihad team to register, but to no avail. On the other hand, the Al-Ittihad team also tried to register, but the Dervishes were on the lookout.

The result continued as it was a goalless draw until the end of the first half, when the two were unable to score any goal, so that the first 45 minutes ended without goals between the two teams.

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In the second half, attempts continued Egyptian Port Said To score the first goals after he dominated greatly in the first half, but he did not manage to score.

Several attempts by the dervishes to score a goal in front of Al Ittihad, but the defense of the leader of the gap was standing in the way, until the 60th minute.

Abdel Rahman Magdy, the Ismaili player, scored the Dervish goal against Al Ittihad, in a distinctive way, after a direct free kick, which he translated into the first goal.

Then the Ismaili team tried to score the second goals to consolidate the progress, and on the other side, there were timid attempts by the Al Ittihad team to equalize, but to no avail.

The result continued like this until the end of the match, with Ismaili winning over Alexandria Federation With a clean goal, the Dervishes’ balance reached 36 points in ninth place, and the leader of Al-Thaghr’s balance stops at 33 points in 12th place.

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