Sport Watch ... Turki Al Sheikh breaks the TV after...

Watch … Turki Al Sheikh breaks the TV after receiving the second goal during the “Play Station Challenge” match

The challenge match between Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi entertainment authority, and the owner of the Spanish club Almeria against Saud Al-Suwailem, former president of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, was suspended after Al-Sheikh broke the TV.

Al-Sheikh threw the “PlayStation” grip he used to play towards the TV screen the moment he received his second goal, which led to the shattering of the television and the suspension of the match amid the Al-Swailem laughs, and the Al-Sheikh attributed his receipt of two goals to a break in the fist in which he plays.

Al-Sheikh released a video of the minutes of the match that she played and enclosed her by saying: “In simple riots … a new TV pandora, and we will return. We will continue the match … for the match that never ended.”

The challenge won worldwide attention from many stars of the witch, most notably Argentine Lionel Messi and Brazilian wizard Ronaldinho.

The challenge is based on the “PlayStation” match between Al Sheikh, who represents Almeria Club and Al Swailem, representing Al Nasr Club, and aims to provide housing units for the benefit of the “Good Housing” charitable initiative.

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Al-Sheikh launches a scathing attack on Tahadi's critics Al-Sheikh launches a scathing attack on Tahadi's critics

And some of the pioneers of social media in Saudi Arabia expressed anger at the Sheikh family, because of the way he promoted the challenge.

Activists said that the emergence of football stars around the world in videos not exceeding 10 seconds, to promote a personal event that does not benefit the citizens, and is a great provocation.

Activists pointed out that the appearance of these stars cannot in any way be free of charge, expecting millions to be spent on these simple shots.

Source: Agencies


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