WATCH Video of Deadly Crane Collapse in Washington Captured on Dash Cam


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Saturday's Dashcam video captured the moment when a crane collapsed in Washington, killing four people.

The footage showed a car heading towards a traffic junction in Seattle around 3:30 pm when suddenly, a large red crane at the top of Google's new campus broke away from Mercer Street. The video showed the cars and the road covered with dust and debris after the fall.

The crane was dismantled when it fell, according to a spokesman for the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. The officials are studying the exact cause of the collapse.

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In the accident four people were killed, including the Seattle Pacific University freshman Sarah Wong and Andrew Yoder, a marine and father who worked as a carpenter on the crane, Fox News reported.

With Amazon and other technology companies that are increasing recruitment in Seattle, the city currently has dozens of construction cranes that are rapidly building office and condominium towers. In January 2019 there were about 60 construction cranes suspended above Seattle, more than any other American city, according to the AP report.



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