Watch .. Yaqoub Boushahri raises controversy by talking about the duties of the wife! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Yaqoub Boushahri raised the controversy with a video clip in which he talked about the characteristics of the girl of his dreams, which he stipulated should be the same as his.

Yaqoub Boushahri said: “It is one of her duties that she turns her mind on you and becomes the pillar of your house. Any married man must have his wife. If she sees him, he is not a hairdresser. Ask him, my love, why is he not a hairdresser… You must take care of your husband, buy him a shaving machine, and arrange him.”

He added, “I love arrangement, I love cleanliness, this is something that bothers me, because I do not find a person who is useful to be myself.. Someone says, I have gone to you. Why did I get comfortable, I am sorry for every man I used to see in his forties and say to him gray, because we are children.”

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