The Saut-du-Doubs waterfall, 27 meters high in normal times, has not been flowing since Tuesday, due to the drought, according to the French site Météo franc-comtoise. Navigation on Lac des Brenets (NE), on the other hand, continues.

The fall of Saut-du-Doubs disappeared for lack of rain. [Météo Franc-comptoise – Facebook]According to Météo franc-comtoise, the water stopped this year ten days earlier than in 2018, at this popular place for tourists.

“We continue to have quite a few people, but we are warning our customers that the Saut-du-Doubs waterfall is no longer flowing,” said Emily Durig of Navigation on the Lac des Brenets (NLB).

The company estimates it could be in trouble in about three weeks if it doesn’t rain. In September 2018, the Franco-Swiss river had completely disappeared in Les Brenets due to the drought.

Navigation prohibited in the Jura

If navigation is still possible on the Neuchâtel side of the river, it has been prohibited for several days on the Jura part due to the low flow of the river.

The canton authorities have taken this measure to help preserve the living conditions of aquatic fauna threatened by high water temperatures. The flow of the Doubs has fallen below 6 m3 per second, the threshold for navigation to be authorized. It was 5.67 m3 / s according to data published Monday on the website of the Office of the environment.

When conditions allow, only kayaks and canoes are allowed on the Doubs. On the other hand, rafting and paddle boarding are strictly prohibited there.

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