WAWA presented to Latina TV 15 ideas for its prime time

In the first WAWA Content Hunter event, specific content was presented to nurture the prime time of the Peruvian network.

True to its mission, WAWA continues to generate high quality, innovative and dynamic events for its members, creating unique business opportunities with potential clients of large companies worldwide.

On this occasion, the organization announced its first WAWA Content Hunter event together with Latina TV from Peru and its most important executives and decision makers.

WAWA was privileged to have the participation of 10 associates in one-to-one meetings via Zoom, who presented a total of 15 projects, among which entertainment, competition and reality TV content stood out, at the request of Latina TV.

All Latina TV decision makers were present on the morning of August 26, when the contents were presented. “Possibly from that selection the new programming proposal for the channel will emerge,” they say from WAWA.

The meeting was led by Carolina Cordero, general manager of WAWA. On behalf of Latina TV, the following attended: Patricio Hernández, general manager; Luis Guillermo Camacho, Programming and Content Manager; Max Iglesias, Commercial Manager; Vanessa Matsuda, Head of Marketing and Content; Cesar Pereira, Director of Contents; Ricky Rodríguez, Assistant Manager of Entertainment; Fernando Leight, Commercial Manager; Carla Ramos, Head of Programming; and Susana Umbert, Production Manager.

«Latina TV has delegated to us the immense responsibility of finding the best content among our members, with a high potential to be part of its daily prime time. With WAWA Content Hunter, we are taking a further step forward in our goal of generating business opportunities among our associates. Getting the entire leadership of a channel together, attentive to content proposals is something that never happens and our associates today had that extraordinary opportunity to present their projects to all of them. We are very happy with the balance of the day today, “said Carolina Cordero, CEO of WAWA.

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