Wawanesa begins its deployment in commercial insurance in Quebec

Wawanesa is fully prepared to invest in the business insurance market in Quebec, as it prepares its deployment since 2020.

This will all be done in February, with a family of ten products, the insurer told the Insurance portal.

This strategy of including the business insurance segment follows the strategy launched two years ago, where the insurer swapped direct distribution to a brokerage network in Quebec explains Paul Faubert, Wawanesa vice-president for eastern Canada. He adds that it will be possible for customers to customize their policies, depending on their industry.

Among the ten segments in which Wawanesa will try to penetrate the Quebec market, we find the automotive industry, oil exploitation, real estate, retail trade, wholesale trade, professional services, as well as trade shows and spas.

The products offered in business insurance in Quebec are essentially the same as in the other provinces, but there are some exceptions, specifies Mr. Faubert. This is the case, among other things, for agriculture, which is a product offered in Quebec, but not in the Maritime provinces.

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