Wayang Lakon Wahyu Cakraningrat, The Politics of the Palace in Choosing a King

Wayang with the play Wahyu Cakraningrat shows the ancient tradition of selecting a king with the criteria as in the play.

In the Javanese tradition, choosing a leader is certainly an important thing. However, the election of the king is not carried out in a democratic manner, as is the situation in which our nation elects the current president.

In ancient times, the Javanese people were only given lattice the criteria of an authoritative leader figure, when he has the qualities that are in the storyline of puppetry, then that is the best.

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On this occasion, we will discuss wayang culture, an ancient tradition that is unique in choosing leaders using storylines.

Alur Cerita Wayang Lakon Wahyu Cakraningrat

In Javanese culture, there is something called Wahyu Cakraningrat. This tradition is a traditional technique of kings to determine their successor by looking at the criteria.

The king will try to visualize the figure of his leadership generation, by using wayang storylines.

This is also done with the intention of showing his people if a king does not hand-hand in choosing his successor.

The tradition of speaking in wayang is considered sacred by the Javanese people. Only a powerful puppeteer who has a strong magical aura can play wayang with this storyline.

Wahyu Cakraningrat, Is only available in the Puppetry Story Element

The storyline of Wahyu Cakraningrat, is believed to be one of the puppet plays that often provides criteria for wise and wise leaders.

According to the play, there are at least three people who can receive this magical revelation, including those who come from the descendants of kings who have noble character.

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The three criteria are Crown Princes such as Lesmana from Hastina, Samba from Dwarawati, and Abhimanyu from Amarta.

They all have the potential to get Wahyu Cakraningrat, but they need to fight for it to the death.

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Meanwhile, according to Djoko Dwiyanto in his book entitled “Yogyakarta Palace: History, Nationalism, and Struggle Examples (2009: 351), there are restrictions for them to do.

One of the most important is to resist the temptations of lust from women. Because Lesmana and Samba are not strong against women’s temptations, the two virtuous sons of the king were not able to receive revelation.

Whereas in this play it is explained that the one who gets the revelation is the king’s son named Abhimanyu. He passed the test not to be seduced by women.

This means that the figure of a good king is a leader who resists temptation. Have a strong faith and determination without exception.

The Enthusiasm of the Javanese Community Towards the Cakraningrat Revelation Act is Very High

Still, according to Dwiyanto (2009: 352), if there is a wayang performance that plays Wahyu Cakraningrat, people in Java, especially those in Yogyakarta, must determined.

This is in line with the ancient colonial records which say that the play is very popular with the Javanese, they will crowd the field just to watch the performance.

One other interesting thing is that usually those who perceive wayang plays as this come from the aristocratic circles such as the Lurah, Camat, Regent, and so on.

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Puppet performances also usually take place before the election of the Lurah, Camat, and Regent, or after one of them wins as Regent, Camat, and Lurah.

By taking Cakraningrat’s play, they will command and enforce a leadership similar to Prabu Parikesit, a wise and wise Javanese leader.

Wahyu Parikesit’s Issues, Often Used to Legitimize Power

Djoko Dwiyanto (2009: 354) confidently says that Wahyu Parikesit’s issues are often used as a tool to legitimize a leadership.

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He also mentioned that not only in the structure of the royal bureaucracy, but also in the elements of government tutor legitimacy thrives.

As for the legitimacy that is often found to preserve the king’s power in the Keraton, it is commonly known as “Gun Country”.

Etymologically, the Gung State can be interpreted as the greatest state, while the people must obey without exception.

Because the king already Unite Servants of the Lord, or the king is already united with the teachings of God that he embraces. Whatever the king says, the law must be carried out.

In this concept, the king is identified with a world leader who has become one with God’s sovereignty. His orders and words were inviolable. (Erik / R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)

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