Ways to maintain mental health during the stone period Youth and society

International warnings of the effects of home quarantine and its effects on the psychological health of the quarantined are increasing daily, while the number of quarantined people has increased around the world after exceeding three billion people so far, in an attempt by the authorities to limit the spread of the new Corona virus epidemic.

The isolation period may be accompanied by a feeling of people who cannot leave their homes during the phase of fighting the spread of the new Corona virus, with anxiety, panic and impotence, which requires them, in addition to measures to maintain physical health, to protect their mental health.

To achieve this, experts recommend these people to be preoccupied with their talents and avoid constant viewing of epidemic news and access to news and information from their correct sources, throughout the course of their stay at home.

The director of mental health program at the WHO office in Turkey, Akfar Qara Ocalan Kahl Ugullari, stressed the importance of protecting mental health while facing the Corona virus, explaining that “fear and anxiety are the most common feelings that spread during that period, due to the sudden shift in daily life.”

He added, “Feeling of fear and anxiety to a certain degree is a very natural reaction and has an effect on maintaining health, but the increase of these feelings beyond the required level makes them cause irrational behaviors.” He continued in his speech to “Anatolia” that “to avoid this, information must be obtained.” Trusted sources such as the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. “


Kahul Ugullari warned that exaggerating the follow-up of negative news on the subject through news channels and social media sites, which could negatively affect a person’s mental health, and that the period of follow-up to this news should be controlled and only watched twice a day.

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He explained that reducing the time allocated to watching such news can help reduce feelings of anxiety, noting that it is possible to use the period of staying at home to spend with the family, talking to friends or practicing hobbies.

He stressed the importance of doing the usual daily work during the period of staying at home and paying attention to proper nutrition, regular sleep and regular exercise, noting the need to help children, the elderly and those with special needs to follow these instructions and remind them of them from time to time.

Kagul Ugullari added that “staying at home is the cause of radical changes in daily life, and it is natural for a person to feel under pressure, but if we can use this period to spend time with ourselves or our families then we will be able to mitigate the psychological effects of this period.”

Regarding quarantine, the director of the mental health program said that “people in quarantine can feel feelings such as anxiety, anger, feelings of helplessness and exhaustion,” noting that “these negative effects can affect the mental health of these people, and who Yes, they must be informed of the reasons for their placing in the stone and the stages during which they will pass during this period. “


He added that “the quarantine period should be kept as short as possible and not extend for a period longer than previously agreed unless necessary,” and he stressed the need to meet all the needs of people in quarantine and assure them that they are making a sacrifice in order to protect others.

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Kagul Ogulari pointed out that not dealing well with feelings of fear and anxiety and controlling them can cause panic. He stressed that “accepting negative emotions is the first step in limiting their negative effects.”

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