We almost didn’t survive the end of the millennium. And women should trust us more – ČT24 – Czech Television

Aleš, has anything changed significantly in the AZ-quiz in twenty-three years?

THE: We were perhaps the only one show, but also a production that almost did not survive Y2K…

… Alleged computer collapse when it was going from 99 to 00, ie 2000…

THE: But he was real in our country, because no one in 1996, when the AZ-quiz was going on, knew that something like that would exist. So I came to shoot on January 4, 2000 – and it didn’t work. That was one part. And then in 2008, the jingle and decoration completely changed, the rules were simplified and the show became more dynamic.

The principle remained the same: to connect all sides of the pyramid. Eva, do you know what is behind the longevity of the competition?

IN: There will be a lot of questions in the competition, so the viewer, who enjoys the AZ-quiz as such a crossword puzzle on television, will check what he can do, and one will learn things that he finds interesting. And compared to other competitions, the amount of knowledge that our competitors have to prove is huge. It’s exciting and interesting.

You got a wrong answer from a part, and you said to yourself: No, wouldn’t I really think of that?

THE: I remember the question of how fingerprints are handled in forensics. The correct answer was “papillary lines”. The contestant thought for quite some time and then said: a finger bench?

Isn’t it a pity that the win is usually an amount for which the winner in the center of Brno would not even celebrate success properly? Isn’t considering a reward increase?

IN: When a higher win is made, we are happy, but it is practically not something we can influence.

THE: I keep private statistics and the average win is 6500 crowns in the long run. On the other hand, if we take it that it’s twice in six or six minutes of answering, then it’s not enough.

So would anything else be worth the change after all these years?

THE: Maybe a little more women’s confidence. Only thirty percent of them come (of all competitors). We gentlemen are naturally more aggressive, more competitive, but ladies are, I think, sometimes unnecessarily timid.

Over the years, the AZ-quiz has undergone parodies, with some calling it “guilty pleasure.” With statistics at your fingertips, do you know who is watching the AZ-quiz the most? Are there young people among the spectators?

IN: I don’t know if they are watching, but they sign up for the AZ quiz and sometimes beautiful intergenerational fights take place.

THE: Statistics are a bit more complicated. On the one hand, we have a television premiere every weekday at 17:00, which is not a perfect time for active workers. They look either at the rerun, which is before midnight, or at iVys broadcast, where there are more than a hundred thousand accesses to one work. I guess they’re more younger people.


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