“We appeal to everyone who adheres to two meters”

In the canton of Lucerne, the police have also found that the corona rules are no longer followed as well. It appeals to the population and announces buses.

  • The Lucerne police announce targeted controls over the ascent weekend.
  • It will check whether the corona rules are complied with.
  • She reminded that the rules still apply.
  • A distance of two meters must be observed.
  • Crowds of more than five people are prohibited.

The Lucerne police suspect that the extended ascent weekend and the weather forecasts “may lure many Lucerne people outside in the next few days”. That is why she appeals to the population: “The Lucerne police point out that the Covid 19 measures continue to apply and that these are controlled accordingly by the law enforcement officers.”

The easing of the past few weeks had also led to situations in Lucerne last weekend, «in which a lot of people came together in a confined space».

Police announce controls

The Lucerne police and the Lucerne Justice and Security Director, Mayor Paul Winiker, therefore point out that the provisions regarding social distancing (at least 2 meters away) and gatherings of people (max. 5 people) still apply.

The police appeal to personal responsibility. And she announces: “With an increased contingent, the Lucerne police will continue to monitor compliance with the ordinance in the public space in the next few days and, if necessary, punish violations with order buses or convictions.”

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